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Generic Allegro build system and template project tree.

This is a group of scripts and files that helps the developer and end-user to configure, update, and build Allegro and AllegroGL projects, on many platforms, and with different compilers.

The main feature is that is multiplatform, and autodetects most common configurations, thus is so easy as just running 'make' on project dir.

What is this?

This is a project tree with a makefile, ready to put your project files, and use it with the utility 'make'.

It also includes a simple source code, with a standard initialization and game loop for Allegro, that can serve as a template for game development with Allegro.

This allows easy distribution of your source code, and makes the process of building Allegro projects easier, both for the developer and the end-user.

How to use it?

You must put your source code inside the ./prj_tree/src/ directory; just remember to erase the example source code first. Optionally, you can use the example source code, that is already in that directory, as a template for your own game.

Then, you call 'make', and theoretically, your project should compile.

Tip Please refer to documentation to see more specifications and instructions. There are many cool features in the package.

The makefile also has all the standard GNU targets such as :

Tip Type 'make help' to see this list

make all            } Compile the entire program.
make rebuild        } Cleans and builds.
make clean          } Clean objects and binary.
make install        } Install.
make install-strip  } Install compressed and stripped (saves disk space).
make uninstall      } Uninstall.
make upx            } Strip, and compress binary with UPX.
make dist           } Create a distribution tar file for this program.
make check          } Perform self-tests (if any).
make status         } Show configuration status and detected platform.
make help           } Show this help.

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